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CBC The Passionate Eye s02e02 (2022.09.22) Deconstructing Karen

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In this provocative documentary, white women experience RADICAL HONESTY ABOUT RACISM…their daily role in upholding it, their conditioning to ignore it and the essential part they can play in tearing down the systems that are killing black and brown people every single day.

The premise is simple: What if white women could and would show up to help end racism?

Watch out, Karen and Becky are coming to dinner.



Get on your knees and repent, cracker!

what happened to that dinner party documentary

did it ever show up

Isn't this it? If not, describe it?

It IS this!

but the runtime is different than this

Not found at that link

it has a 1h15 runtime on Apple TV anyway.

So look.

The two ladies hosting the dinner party often said "white women are ....."

To me, that's a racist and sexist statement. You just can't generalise a whole class of people like that, it's not helpful or efficient to.

Yet sure, I totally agree with them that due to their experience they might expect white women to treat them a certain way. But they should always be open-minded enough to reserve judgement until they actually receive that behaviour from a new person.

I'm the same as them. If I am walking down the street at night in London and there is a man coming the other way, I'm going to have expectations that factor in when I assess whether he is a threat. It depends on what he looks like, and I am maybe 10% more likely to cross the street if he's black. This isn't to say all black men are muggers, just that statistically they are over-represented in crime.

I don't think it's unreasonable that they assume other women of colour are more likely to relate to their experience of the world.

The trouble is, critical race theory takes it too far. No-one is responsible for the behaviour of their ancestors or other people of their race. That's a stupid, destructive attitude to take.

I found it interesting to watch, but I don't think they've arrived at any sort of solution. They are too keen on making people feel guilty for things outside their control.

thanks so much for posting this.

I hope we can find the longer version, although I doubt I will watch it again unless I can sit down with one of my friends who has tried to talk to me about my "white supremacy",

The only reason whites did better than other races and rose to superiority of some sorts is WEATHER.

We needed to build shelter to avoid dying of cold in the winter.
We needed to farm to feed ourselves during the winter too.
We needed to create tools to do those things better.

That's literally it. If we hadn't done those things we'd have died.

In Africa, basically, you can sleep just find outside all year round. It's not true now, but you could hunt and gather enough food without farming. There was no pressing need to develop technology to live.

That's the only reason. It doesn't make us better people. Some white people seem to think it does, and some black people seem to think it does. They're both wrong.