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Mandela (1996)

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This epic film goes beyond the milestone events that have characterized the life of Nelson Mandela, the charismatic leader who, after an interminable 27-year imprisonment, won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidency of his country. "Mandela" is a candid, definitive portrait of a modern-day hero. Set to the ebullient music of the struggle for freedom and guided by Mandela's own voice, the film traces his life from his childhood in the Xhosa tribe through the solitude and sacrifices of his early activism, revolutionary leadership and political imprisonment, to his ultimate victory as leader of a new racially united South Africa.


Errr - does it cover his and more so his wife Winnie's fetish for regularly using torture actions on their own community - esp setting light to rubber tyres fixed round ppls' necks...

Now that's a delightful way to exit this whirrled I'm sure...

I wonder what Nelson would make of the total, corrupt, chaotic, self-enriching post apartheid government system he pushed for - now resulting in electric being off in stages for the nation... plus rabid post ANC political - post jewish education - 'communist' groups due to get power - and calling for the death of ALL WHITES - without which there'd be zero infrastructure in the Cape etc region[s] ??