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Ickonic Classified s01e31 (2023.11.08) Christopher Job Bjerknes The Plan For The World To Come

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What is happening right now in Gaza as well as Armenia is nothing short of Genocide by the Political Zionists of the Apartheid Israeli State. Many of the Jewish faith are calling out Netanyahu and Zionism for using their faith as a shield to force the hand of God and bring about a 6,000yr old Prophecy. Researcher and Author Christopher Jon Bjerknes guides us through what is really behind the Genocide we see playing out right now in both Gaza and the little mentioned Armenia. You won't find any other media companies covering information this deep, it goes far beyond the duality of party and geopolitical politics.


8 minutes in...

He says that the two sides are supposed to consume each other.
But one side is the Muslims and the other is the Israelis?
but somehow the Israelis are supposed to come out on top?

It makes more sense if those coming out on top are the "illuminati" etc