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All The Rage (2016)

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America is experiencing an epidemic of pain. One man has the answer to the problem yet the medical establishment has ignored him. For nearly 50 years, Dr. John Sarno has been single-handedly battling the pain epidemic by focusing on the mind-body connection and the nature of stress and the manifestation of physical ailments. With a renowned practice in rehabilitative medicine at NYU he is also a bestselling author of numerous books that deal with psychosomatic disorders. Filmmaker Michael Galinsky's family has a long history with Dr. Sarno and their experience will be woven into the fabric of the film, alongside well known patients, including Howard Stern, John Stossel, Jonathan Ames, Larry David, and many others.


Thx.... another theme maybe [once viewed] right up my reality alleyway...

I follow this area carefully - how do you find media / docu's that I strangely miss ?? :-0 :-) ??

Thanks very much.