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Pete Doherty, Who Killed My Son? (2023)

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Pete Doherty, Who Killed My Son? is a modern-day Miss Marple mystery, set in the contrasting worlds of grimy, crack-stained East London and Guildford's middle-class stockbroker belt. The Channel 4 documentary explores the unexplained death of Mark Blanco in 2006. Mark died in suspicious circumstances after attending a party with the controversial rock star Pete Doherty. After a failed police investigation, this is the story of grieving mother, Sheila Blanco's, relentless pursuit of justice. The debut film by director Ben Cheetham is a brutally compelling forensic examination of the full story behind Mark's death.


Another good find - maybe it's cos I have no TV to watch - so I miss much of these programme announcements?

I love tales of washed up rock n roll types... :-D

I once met Pete Doherty in a North London Squat building I was "inhabiting" circa late 1990s - ... he said very little aside from "can i borrow a tenner" - true story.