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Last Exit: Space (2022)

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Documentary about space colonization: a voyage across our planet, into the stars and beyond.


Wow, would you look at that! Werner Herzog's son has a new documentary out about space exploration - narrated by his dad. That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

... but a contact in the medical profession states that the Herzogs are not who they appear to be. That's all I can tell you right now... 👽

Werner did a previous arty space thing - The Wild Blue Yonder or something similar...

Are you saying they are part of the forthcoming over-hyped "LASt CARD" meme.... ? It's become a web cliche these days along with that annoying OOOHHH - Operation Bluebeam :-o ! Hype...

...go-on - spill the cosmic beans?!

I have kept up with a lot of Herzog's more recent documentaries, but there are tons I have never seen. I am trying to watch this new one, although it actually is not Werner's, but his son's, but I have a hard time believing in the "rockets are going to get us to Mars" thing that Musk and others promote. I just think that the technology is way too old school to get us off planet.

I don't think the Herzogs are particularly alien or anything, but the comment might have been just meant to be funny, because they are still an interesting family...

Dammit it's huge!

Maybe my Canadian friend will do us a slimline version - given his hefty bandwidth compared to our crappy English infrastructure..?!? :-p

I was surprised to see the x264 copy here, as nibs/ConCen has been ripping new documentary uploads himself as x265, which are like 1/4 the size. But he might be doing this one right now, I am not sure - I think there is a 2.5gb version, half size of this one... as a 720p, not a 1080. But I think those are the only 2 copies available right now...

Every film can be re-encoded or squashed to be STILL watchable at 723MB for the avergae 123 minute running film... ;-)

It's only those idiots that waffle on about their HUGE 88 inch TV screen that need above a gigabyte...

You've come to the right place then, because ConCen personally re-encodes documentaries to be under 1gb. I don't really know how to use the new video editing programs, so I usually just grab what I see and post that copy. But lately all the new docs being posted on other private sites are being compressed and uploaded here. So that's definitely nice!

Sorry for the delay!