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Yeti Massacre (2023)

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In the winter of 1959, the mutilated bodies of nine hikers were found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Were they slaughtered in cold blood by a yeti? If so, what drove this legendary beast to kill?


This is an ASTONISHING case i've known about for year but have never really had an idea as to where the reality lies...??

If it's really brand new - i'll grab it...


I heard about this recently and was going to track it down. It just came out the other day...

There was another documentary about this case the other year, and they got access to the photographs that had been undeveloped from the hikers' belongings, and the last picture that was taken by one of them was this:

So that's pretty interesting!

Those ORIGINAL photographs I think the Russian military retrieved were pretty damn gory....

--- Here is where I recall my confusion lay:

To my aged perspective - It didn't look like classic ET abduction - this usually leaves zero/little physical scars

I Doubt it was a Western military op - because there was little point plus if it was - they stood a high chance of being caught.

This leaves us with a Russian element experiementing in handy isolation - assuming there was zero come-back...?
...but why then do the damage/weapon experiementation they did - KNOWING they'd get caught given the territory they were part of once the "missing" alert was sent out?? :-0

This is a fascinating case. Enjoyed the documentary.