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The Betrayed Girls (2017)

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In May 2012, the revelation that nine Asian men from the Manchester suburb of Rochdale were guilty of the grooming, rape and sex trafficking of teenage white girls shocked Britain. But the police and social services had known about the abusers for years, and the abuse went far beyond the Greater Manchester town. From Rotherham to Keighley, it was happening across cities and towns in the north and beyond.

Featuring the harrowing testimony of the victims and the shocking testimony of the few who were prepared to speak out, this film reveals how it wasn’t just the professionals whose job it was to protect the girls who ignored their plight. The media, politicians and the Muslim community also all chose to look the other way. Why?


I live pretty much inbetween the English areas of Rotherham and keighley....

Whilst the supposed classic white pedo operates alone - the Asian modus operadi is in group approaches - thus the white [usually very working class] girls get "shared".

The media never says so - but whilst EVERY cop resource makes sure the sole operator is watched for and jailed - we know that suddenly zero resources or inclination manifests when our woke police force get told a whole community are hiding grooming in the local area....

I could waffle a lot on this topic... but why make the effort.?

Where I am from we have organized crime run by a group called the Hell's Angels. Although I am almost certain they don't do underage sex trafficking. Just drugs and weapons and stuff like that. Money laundering etc. But from what I understand, the police aren't really able to do much about them and often just turn a blind eye to their crimes. I am guessing it is like that in other parts of the world too for other criminal organizations, probably because the cops et al. fear some sort of retribution from the gang members...

When I was in Vancouver in 1990, there were missing women posters on telephone poles all over the place. Most of them were hookers, most were last seen getting into cop cars, none of them arriving at police stations. This was well known and it intimidated the already downtrodden to say even less about what they knew.

Where did they go? The story goes that a lot of them were driven to a Port Coquitlam biker bar frequented by cops and owned by the brother of Robert Pickton, pig farmer. Interestingly, none of Pickton's victims were murdered before 1990, so who killed these women?

Collusion runs deep amongst Vancouver cops and organized crime. RCMP too.

"I could waffle a lot on this topic... but why make the effort.?"

- See - why make the effort?? No one can be bothered on certain topics...

No wonder we are assigned a planETary F-grade by higher intel agents.... :-/

Actually your points remind me that there's several "types" of missing ppl.... but whatever - the public represses this aspect to reality instead of asking the right questions...

Thus we have great researchers like MISSING 411 author - David Paulides...