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Whole (2003) [x265]

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Whole is a documentary about people with a body integrity identity disorder, that makes them desire to be an amputee (medical term: apotemnophilia). It first was broadcast on the Sundance Channel in 2004.

The documentary examines the lives of several individuals who have body integrity identity disorder. They believe that they are supposed to have a sensory or physical disability, with some amputating a limb in order to achieve this. Some of the individuals are identified using their whole name, while others give only their first.

Referring to themselves as ″amputee wannabees″, the individuals portrayed by Gilbert find different ways of coping with their apotemnophilia. George Boyer shot his own leg off, while Kevin had a healthy leg amputated by a surgeon. Besides that mental health professionals, including Michael First, an academic psychiatrist at Columbia University, speak about their professional experience with this paraphilia.