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Sexually Explicit Books in public schools

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Sexually Explicit Books in public schools

Sexually explicit and pornographic material currently available in schools and libraries across Canada

It's mind blowing what they're doing. It's clear that they are sexualizing and grooming children. Take a look at these books then tell me I'm wrong!

can confirm

as a father who doesn't identify as a citizen of canuckistan but lives within the corporate territory claimed by the crown corporation, this shit is fucked up and disgusting. unfortunately, the responsibility remains on each individual parent if they subject their children to this stuff, whether by putting them in government indoctrination camps, and/or not providing them an adequate methodology of deciphering truth from lies by thinking critically. many folks just want to get upset because they see this shit and won't actually do anything about it.

yes, this stuff is meant to normailze child rape, but the solution is not to ask the gubbermint, or any of its' subsidiaries and franchise branches, to be less gay. that is impossible. parents need to teach their children a moral baseline and not outsource that to the WEF and UN.and their legions of cronies.

I think they should start

I think they should start removing the Bible.
I don´t remember a book so read that contains so much violence, incest, betrayal, torture, satanism, child massacre...
A shame they allow this book in schools!!!

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