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Quantum Supremacy: How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything (2023)

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Quantum Supremacy: How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything
Written by: Michio Kaku
Narrated by: Feodor Chin
Length: 10 hrs and 41 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 2023-05-02
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Audio

An exhilarating tour of humanity's next great technological achievement—quantum computing—which may eventually illuminate the deepest mysteries of science and solve some of humanity's biggest problems, like global warming, world hunger, and incurable disease, by the bestselling author of The God Equation.

The runaway success of the microchip processor may be reaching its end. Running up against the physical constraints of smaller and smaller sizes, traditional silicon chips are not likely to prove useful in solving humanity’s greatest challenges, from climate change, to global starvation, to incurable diseases. But the quantum computer, which harnesses the power and complexity of the atomic realm, already promises to be every bit as revolutionary as the transistor and microchip once were. Its unprecedented gains in computing power herald advancements that could change every aspect of our daily lives.

Automotive companies, medical researchers, and consulting firms are betting on quantum computing, hoping to exploit its power to design more efficient vehicles, create life-saving new drugs, and streamline industries to revolutionize the economy. But this is only the beginning. Quantum computers could allow us to finally create nuclear fusion reactors that create clean, renewable energy without radioactive waste or threats of meltdown. They could help us crack the biological processes that generate natural, cheap fertilizer and enable us to feed the world’s growing populations. And they could unravel the fiendishly difficult protein folding that lies at the heart of previously incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s, helping us to live longer, healthier lives. There is not a single problem humanity faces that couldn’t be addressed by quantum computing. Told with Kaku’s signature clarity and enthusiasm, Quantum Supremacy is the story of this exciting frontier and the race to claim humanity’s future.

01 - Intro & Dedication.mp3
02 - Part I - Rise of Quantum Computers.mp3
03 - Chapter 1 - End of the Age of Silicon.mp3
04 - Chapter 2 - End of the Digital Age.mp3
05 - Chapter 3 - Rise of the Quantum.mp3
06 - Chapter 4 - Dawn of Quantum Computers.mp3
07 - Chapter 5 - The Race Is On.mp3
08 - Part II - Quantum Computers and Society.mp3
09 - Chapter 6 - The Origin of Life.mp3
10 - Chapter 7 - Greening the World.mp3
11 - Chapter 8 - Feeding the Planet.mp3
12 - Chapter 9 - Energizing the World.mp3
13 - Part III - Quantum Medicine.mp3
14 - Chapter 10 - Quantum Health.mp3
15 - Chapter 11 - Gene Editing and Curing Cancer.mp3
16 - Chapter 12 - AI and Quantum Computers.mp3
17 - Chapter 13 - Immortality.mp3
18 - Part IV - Modeling the World and the Universe.mp3
19 - Chapter 14 - Global Warming.mp3
20 - Chapter 15 - The Sun in a Bottle.mp3
21 - Chapter 16 - Simulating the Universe.mp3
22 - Chapter 17 - A Day in the Year 2050.mp3
23 - Epilogue - Quantum Puzzles.mp3
24 - Outro.mp3