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Invisible Hands (2018) [x265]

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Award-winning documentary Invisible Hands exposes child labor and trafficking within the supply chains of the world’s biggest corporations, which produce some of our most loved items.

Filmed across six countries, the documentary offers a harrowing account of children as young as five years old making the products we buy and consume every day.

Chilling undercover footage shows children being sold like animals to the highest bidder and others being abused by this pervasive slave labor.

Invisible Hands digs deep into a modern slavery system quietly supported by some of the world’s largest companies, demanding to know why top stakeholders continue to engage in this unlawful and deadly practice.

Directors: Shraysi Tandon
Writers: Chad Beck, Shraysi Tandon
Producers: Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Rama Astraatmadja, Caitlin Cutter, Todd Dagres, Dana Eckert, Charles Ferguson, Jenny McQuaile, Robina Riccitiello, Shraysi Tandon, Vanessa Trengrove, Christina Weiss Lurie, Jane Wilf, Mark Wilf
Composers: Drum & Lace
Cinematographers: Yuanchen Liu, Erik Shirai
Runtime: 1h 20mn
Country: Ghana, China, India, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, USA
Language: English

Shamelessly stolen from without credit to TheCorsair00