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I Am Jazz S01-S08 [1080p] + Pilot + Extras

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With some help from people here I have gathered 1080p copies of all 8 seasons of I Am Jazz. The last piece was the Pilot movie from the Oprah Winfrey Network which was available nowhere else except Usenet. Thanks to those who helped.

I've thrown in an archive of Jazz's own YouTube channel and TV appearances.

Jazz is showing many signs of seriously regretting what his mother has done to him, it wouldn't surprise me if this gets removed from TV and blackholed online.

This is basically 72 episodes, 50 hours of child abuse, happening in slow motion over more than a decade.

For a summary, you might prefer to watch Exulansic's insightful commentary. She is a de-transitioner herself and a very smart lady.

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i was halfway thru downloading this when i realised this is all about transgenderd stuff. just what we need. more crap about these fucking assholes taking over everything and destroying womans sports and doing there best to groom children for play things with their horrid drag shows for kids. when is this insanity going to end. i have known a lot of trans people in my day and none of them would be down for what we are seeing these days. seems to me to be just sickos using the trans label to hide behind.

I am not sure what has happened recently in society to make the trans issue so controversial suddenly (the past 2 years or more), unless there have been legal issues involving LGTBQ+ that have given more rights to trans people or something, or whether this issue has "gone viral" thanks to the very vocal opinions of people like Jordan Peterson etc....

hmmm, seems to be an agenda afoot.