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Usenet/Newsgroup Requests - I am now taking Usenet requests :)

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Usenet/Newsgroup Requests - I am now taking Usenet requests :)

I signed up for a usenet feed.
There are many rare things not available elsewhere.
If anyone would like me to grab something, let me know.

You can search here to see what is available (might need to register free, it's good tho)

Does anyone have a Usenet account?

It's the only source I've found of something I'm looking for.

If anyone can at least recommend a reputable provider that would be helpful. The last one I tried scammed me with fraudulent card charges.

Sorry - I used to have one

Sorry - I used to have one over a decade ago. I doubt my account still works, although, at the time, it seemed to keep going forever with data downloads. I can't even really remember what usenet provider I used. Maybe NewsDemon or something like that. There was a user here who had usenet access, but I haven't seen him around for a while now...


I purchased a month... let me know if there's anything you want

Oh cool, thanks. I know

Oh cool, thanks. I know their "retention" for data pretty much goes back over a decade or more, so you have access to tons of material. I used to cross-post my old torrents with their binary groups, like alt.binaries.ufo.files and alt.binaries.documentaries. The documentary group was quite impressive, from what I remember...

the unfindable

cosmic manuscript by dallas thompson , that would be great!!! thanks

nothing I'm afraid

sorry about that

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