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Twitter Hires Tucker (was: Fox fires Tucker)

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Twitter Hires Tucker (was: Fox fires Tucker)

coverage from this reliable news site:

This is ridiculous, he posted his first video on Twitter and two hours later more people have watched it than watch Fox News.

What took them so long?

Fox usually cancels their best shows right away.


and came to post the same.
Don Lemon is out at CNN too.
I Imagine tucker won't be short of offers as he was on about 3 million viewers per night.
Could tucker be dominion related/other law suits related maybe???

Yeah, I heard Tucker's first

Yeah, I heard Tucker's first big offer was RT. Maybe he'll actually go for that! And supposedly Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson hired the same laywer... Not sure why they were both fired at the same time. It's weird. Not sure what they even did really, but I am no longer a TV guy. I used to be! But something about it all rubs me the wrong way nowadays!


Tucker was let go in the middle of negotiating his new contract and was then let go due to the text messages.
Dunno about Lemon but he is appropriately named... can't stand the smug wanker
edit to add:
You reckon Carlson will set up on his own???? other options OAN or Newsmax? i reckon they might try to grab him and bring even more people away from fox....

Carlson spoke out against the MIC and big pharma

This show has a great synopsis of Carlson speaking truth against the establishment:

Tucker Carlson Tonight - On

Tucker Carlson Tonight - On Twitter! Very interesting development...

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