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Help with uploads please

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Help with uploads please

I've never had a problem with download or seed (single file) using qbittorrrent. But when I try to use qbittorrent to seed a folder full of files, it won't budge. I
m currently trying to seed a couple folders of files.

What client do you guys and gals recommend for seeding on Win 7 or Win 10?

Try downloading the .torrent

Try downloading the .torrent from ConCen and loading the file onto your qBitTorrent and make sure it goes in the same folder where your original folders/files are, so then it can check and match up with those files, and hopefully seed...

I can get them seeding in my client but...

no one seems to be able to download them. I don't have a problem when I seed just single files. It's when I create a torrent file from a folder full of files that downloaders can't connect for some reason, though the folder torrents seed fine too.

I installed Tixati and created new torrent files and edited the torrents here to add them so we'll see what happens.


The .torrent appears to have been hashed correctly and shows the entire contents of the folder you are trying to seed:

01 - Born Again.mp4 665.9 MiB
02 - The New Birth.mp4 517.27 MiB
03 - The Marks of the New Birth.mp4 715.92 MiB
04 - The Marks of the New Birth - Final Notes - Part 1.mp4 615.66 MiB
05 - The Marks of the New Birth - Final Notes - Part 2.mp4 517.14 MiB
06 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 1.mp4 1.25 GiB
07 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 2.mp4 671.41 MiB
08 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 3.mp4 986.39 MiB
09 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 4.mp4 736.61 MiB
10 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 5.mp4 849.52 MiB
11 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 6.mp4 769.7 MiB
12 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 7.mp4 639.49 MiB
13 - How God Converts the Human Soul - Part 8.mp4 782.05 MiB

I have them both seeding right now but downloaders will have to

get the new torrent files. The torrent files I created with qbittorrent were really large (191kb & 252kb). The new torrent files created with Tixati are 25kb and 29kb. Not sure why the huge difference in size.

I am behind a VPN but have never had issues before with that. It's PIA...been using them for about 10 years with no problems.

I'll leave it running tonight to see if anyone can successfully DL them.

Thanks for the help. I'll check them in the morning.

piece size

When you create a torrent you'll have the option of choosing a "piece size", probably from 32K to 16MB.

The larger the piece size, the fewer pieces, so the smaller the torrent file.

For big torrents, like this one, it's best to use 16MB to get a smaller torrent file.

Did you

1. remove the torrent from your client
2. download the torrent from Concen (it does magic to change it)
3. open the new torrent file in your client, let it find the files, etc

The VPN shouldn't matter.

I think the main problem is that I don't...

have port forwarding set up properly on my firewall or my router. I've spent considerable time reading how to do it and trying different things to no avail. When I go to, it doesn't see the port setup that I have I'm at a dead end here.

A seedbox may be my only salvation for seeding. I always have trouble doing it locally.

You shouldn't need it...

since enough of us are running seedboxes.

Your client can connect to that. With bittorrent once the connection is established it doesn't matter who started the connection.

Your client might be a little lazy reaching out to people who are connectable and need the files. There might be setting for it.

I think you're right. It

I think you're right. It looks like it's been completed 5 times so seems like it's getting started here and finished by the swarm.

I was worried about it seeding real slow or not all here when everything was probably working like it should be. I'll leave everything as is and add some more torrents to see if they work all right.

I have the DVD ISO torrent seeding now too and it looks ok.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help.

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