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Please help me grab this slow torrent!

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Please help me grab this slow torrent!

Edit: Somehow, one of the kind folk who joined the torrent found a seed that I couldn't connect to.

So it's downloaded. cheers!


Guys, I already have a 480p version of this, but this 1080p file is taking a long time.

It is literally coming at 100 bytes per second! At this rate it will finish in August.

Now, I am already torrenting this from three locations, and I asked two more people to torrent it also. Each time, the overall speed increased slightly.

I believe it is someone in the UK seeding on a mobile phone hotspot! Each additional person in their torrent client queue means we get more positions in the queue and overall the torrent will come slightly faster.

Please, add this magnet link and perhaps it will finish by July or even May :)



does anyone know who owns slowcheetah or fatkhoala? Two trackers I never heard of, perhaps to do with a private site.

This has really helped.

Thanks to my Concen brothers in several locations around the world, the ETA has indeed reduced to June.

Would anyone else be so kind as to join in? I suspect we are competing for queue places with other torrents on the guy's hotspot :)

With your help we could get the ETA down to mid-May!!!


There are 3 versions of this on PTP, but all of them show 0 seeds.

☑ x264 / MKV / WEB / 640x480 /
☑ x264 / MKV / WEB / 720p /
☑ x264 / MKV / WEB / 1080p

I have it in 480p

This torrent is 1080p.

It's the principle of the thing.
I am an addict.
My autistic and OCD self needs this.

It's better than what most

It's better than what most people are doing with their Netflix and chill lifestyles. At least we offer conscious multimedia here!


it was quite good, one of the better docs.

Someone in Romania found it?

Not sure how, but suddenly there is another seeder at 100% :) :) :)

Another gem to my collection

Recently, I joined to support the sharing of this doc. I'll be seeding as long as I can.


I added it to Transgender Collection 5.

The outpouring of support for building this collection from this site and elsewhere has been immensely emotional.

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