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The Stasi: Secrets, Lies & British Spies (2023)

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For nearly 40 years, East Germany's Stasi was one of the most formidable secret police forces in the world, with a vast network of spies and informers reaching across the globe until the fall of the Berlin Wall. As the Cold War ended, scores of them were still operating in the UK. With access to recently opened court files, Julie Etchingham reveals some of the Stasi's UK operations and asks why the identities of many alleged British informers are still a guarded secret 30 years after Germany made its file public.


Nicely done, however watches like a 45 minute Trailer of the 'real
thing'. Hundred people in Britain have been alleged Stasi spies and
informers, as was revealed inside the Rosenholz files. The Rosenholz
files, ended up in the hands of the CIA "during the German
reunification". It wasn't until 1999 that it was revealed the Rosenholz
files had been handed to the UK. Then Home Secretary Jack Straw
confirmed that the files were being reviewed. 'The records have
revealed many leads involving the investigation of over hundred
Although officially available upon request, the identities of these
hundred alleged British informers and Stasi spies are still not known
to the general public to this day. This is typically a matter of a `Who
is Asking ?' policy. Like when telling guests where they must sit at
the dinner table.