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Inside Our Autistic Minds (2023)

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Since sharing his own autism diagnosis with the world, naturalist and presenter Chris Packham has been flooded with messages from other autistic people, frustrated that their friends, families and colleagues don't understand them.

1. Chris sets out to bridge the gap, helping a group of people on the autism spectrum create short films that reveal to their family and friends what is really going on inside their minds. They include comedian Flo from Wiltshire and 20-year-old student Murray from Oxfordshire - the son of Radio 2 DJ Ken Bruce.

2. Chris Packham meets Anton, a teaching assistant and trance DJ with a deep love of Middlesbrough FC, and Ethan, a 19-year-old student and aspiring rapper from Essex. He helps them make films to reveal to their friends and classmates how they feel about change and hypersensitivity to noise respectively.


Not a single helmet, drool bib, or diaper anywhere near these autists! One guy thinks because he organizes his record collection, he's an autist. "You can't begin to understand my sensitivity, dear, I'm an autist, and you are not!" Gag.

Autism is the new hipster normal to these people. Put all those hundreds of thousands of severely brain damaged people, who will require lifelong intensive care, out of your thoughts! Just think how great it must be to have superior senses like these autists. They're the emerging super race, the heralds of a utopian future where Big Pharma takes care of all our needs.

If only more of us could be like them.

It would be unwise for a documentary about autism to lump high-functioning autism with low-functioning. From what I understand, Asperger's Syndrome, the kind where these people seem to specialize in particular subjects and become obsessed with them etc, is very different than other types of autism where people can't even take care of themselves and that kind of thing...