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Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence (2023) [x265]

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An exploration of the Sarah Lawrence cult's origins in 2010 on the Sarah Lawrence campus until its recent demise, when the last members find their own paths to survival.


1 · The Arbiter of Truth

Eight sophomores arrive at college to find the dad of a student on their dorm-step: ex-con Larry Ray; before long, Ray becomes their ninth roommate and lures them into a dangerous cult.

2 · Truth Wins

As the students fall deeper under Larry's spell, they follow him to New York City, where he co-opts an apartment uptown; as Larry grows more controlling and even violent, the students' realities are up-ended.

3 · Larryland

After Larry is evicted, the cult relocates to New Jersey, where Larry commits his most hideous crimes yet; when he is finally arrested, the two women closest to him choose disparate paths to survive.

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