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Killing Kelly (2021)

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The strange death of Dr David Kelly, the British weapons expert found dead in the woods - as he predicted he would be - amidst the swirl of Tony Blair and George W Bush's ill-fated invasion of Iraq. It was said to be suicide, though of a most peculiar kind. This film is a detailed look at the circumstances of Dr Kelly's death and the subsequent cover-up that followed.

Killing Kelly asks the most uncomfortable of questions of the role of Tony Blair's government along with Britain's secret service into the untimely death of the world renowned chemical weapons expert.


thank fuck ! america has caused this world the most pain since its beginning. freedom and democrocy...... yeah right my ass it is. at least dictators dont lie to your face and stab u in the back.

Now this is a conspiracy! I remember this might have been requested here a couple years ago, but I don't think I ever watched it. I think it's definitely worthwhile though...