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Leonard Horowitz Collection

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This man has important things to say - if you liked JanaESP’s series on eugenics and vaccines, Leonard was featured in that.

I wanted to keep his work around so I put some work into collecting and organising everything I could find easily.

This is somewhat of a work in progress.

If you can find any of the missing videos/books, please PM me. I’ve only looked very hard for a couple of them so far, I’d appreciate the help.

2005 Anthrax, Smallpox Vaccination and the Mark of the Beast!
2005 Iatrogenocide - Dangerous Doctors & Drugs
2012 Death Ray Scandal
2013 528 Key Movie
2013 Criminal Foundations
2015 The Paris Attacks Documentary
2018 SpaceGate

1988 Freedom from Headaches & TMJ
1994 Deadly Innocence - The Kimberly Bergalis Case
2004 DNA - Pirates of the Sacred Spiral
2006 Walk on Water
2018 Healing Celebrations
2018 Las Vegas Deep State Massacre
2018 Space Pearl Harbour
2021 COVID Coup - The Rise of the Fourth Reich

He also has a sound healing programme that's come out in the last five years, couldn't find that but perhaps someone can.


Thanks for posting. He is a mixed bag from my experience. Has some good info on health but he has also launched many character defamation campaigns against anyone that spoke against his ideas. In his divorce proceedings he somehow and very strangely was able to get many youtube channels shut down including Jamie Burthuff who was a major proponent of the "solfeggios are not frequencies" camp. I have his radionic software called MI6 and on certain windows it literally says CyberShaman. He copied that legit software from Ernie Vega, tried to make it his own and was not intelligent enough to cover his tracks. After that I lost any interest in him.

Thanks. Yeah, I remember him. He had a radio show over on BBS Radio, along with people like Dr. Fred Bell and others. I haven't looked into his work for a while...