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Time Thieves (2018) [x265]

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Forget water, oil and rare minerals – there is a new resource everyone wants: our time. TIME THIEVES reveals how companies monetize our time without our knowledge and how the social networks have, in their own words, become ‘the new clockmakers’.

TIME THIEVES is an eye-opening investigation into how our time became a currency; why 'time poverty' is on the rise and how the more we try to save time, the less we have. Who hasn’t come across the situation where an airline has us printing our own boarding passes and checking in our own luggage, saving the company a fortune in working hours? Who hasn’t spent hours assembling a piece of furniture, or struggled with an automatic cashier? Haven’t we all asked ourselves who should be paying whom for doing all the work? Award-winning director Cosima Dannoritzer blends remarkable archival footage and heart-breaking stories with testimonies from leading experts in a documentary that was filmed on location in Japan, USA, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

TIME THIEVES investigates how time has become money, how the clock has taken over both our working and personal lives, and how we can take back control over this precious, but finite resource.

Directors: Cosima Dannoritzer
Writers: Cosima Dannoritzer
Producers: Jordi Ambròs, Carles Brugueras, Irène Challand, Gaspard Lamunière, Avital Lavi, Andrés Luque, Karen Michael, Christian J. Popp, Fabrice Puchault, Sylvia Schmöller, Christa Ulli, Marieke van den Bersselaar, Jenny Westergard
Composers: Marta Andrés, Joan Gil
Cinematographers: Nina Bernfeld
Runtime: 1h 25mn
Country: Spain, France
Language: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French

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