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Can you check your public library for these DVDs? (Transgender doc requests)

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Can you check your public library for these DVDs? (Transgender doc requests)

Massive thanks to TheCorsair00 for finding Boy I Am (2006) and helping me get the “Trans Women Athlete Dispute”.
Also big thanks to ConCen himself for finding Swansea Sparkle (2016).

I found some DVDs that might be in public libraries. Unfortunately here in Berkshire UK there doesn't seem to be much of an emphasis on stocking public libraries with pro-transgender DVDs.

Seattle Public Library were keen to share that they had some of these. If you are reading this and can get these from your public library, it would be great to archive them and make them available online.

DVDs that may be available in your public library:
Trans (2012)
Transgeneration (2005)
Growing Up Coy (2016)
Gendernauts (2006)
Becoming Chaz (2011)
No Dumb Questions (2009)
Transgender Tuesdays (2012)
True Trans (2014)
Beautiful Daughters (2006)

Transgeneration is on YouTube but sadly with a watermark

Growing Up Coy is also on Vimeo behind a paywall, I’m also not sure if we can still download paid Vimeo videos?

Some more documentaries that are behind paywalls:

Real Boy (2016) as a paid youtube video

The Transgender Agenda (£10 paywall)

TV Episodes and Series: (I just don't know which trackers to try for these)

New Girls on the Block (Discovery Health 2015)
Changing Sexes Female to Male (Discovery Health 2002)

My Trans Life (2011-2019) - 48 episode TV series!

more requests

as you can see above, with some help we now have three of six above.

I'm really keen to find Trans (2012):

also New Girls on the Block - Discovery Health (2015):

and Beautiful Daughters (2006) looks especially interesting:

I found Beautiful Daughers,

I found Beautiful Daughers, but unfortunately it is not seeded right now...


What I wouldn't do for a time-travelling torrent client.

Share the link? If it's left

Share the link? If it's left on a seedbox with DHT, it may pop up...

The one I found is on a

The one I found is on a private tracker, but I think omicron knows of a different one maybe...


Hey that's a good idea, I've got DHT switched off on my seedbox due to private trackers demanding that.

I'm running a second client for some of these torrents so I'll switch it on.

There's this one;

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