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Transgender Collection 1

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I spent a month compiling this collection of documentaries on Transgenderism.

These documentaries are both pro- and anti- trans, and there is also one reality TV show, and a collection of TED Talks.

I have included the TED Talks because one pro-trans TED talk has already been withdrawn due to it containing the admission by a mother that she transed her son due to homophobia.

What you will notice is that even the pro- trans documentaries often come across as unintentionally very anti-trans.

The collection is in two parts, in three torrents:
Part 1 is lower bitrate videos (31GB)
Part 2 is higher bitrate videos, and comes in an HQ (92GB) and 720p x265 (15GB) edition.

Parts 1 and 2 together make 94 hours of educational viewing.

If you draw my attention to other notable documentaries that I have missed, I will create a third part.


There is no hate here, one conclusion I drew from watching these is that most Transgender people are victims of an insidious ideology. They unfailingly have other serious mental and emotional problems, and these are ignored in favour of selling them trans surgery and hormones, which clearly only makes their problems worse.