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Drunk on Too Much Life (2021)

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A love letter from the filmmaker and her husband to their daughter Corrina, "Drunk on Too Much Life" poetically and intimately captures Corrina's journey, at the age of 21, from the confines of locked down psych wards and diagnostic labels towards expansive worlds of creativity, community, connection and greater meaning. A complex and intimate family portrait of resilience and discovery, the film follows Corrina as she comes against the limitations of the mainstream psychiatric perspective in her search for a different language and more enriched story to understand her extreme psychic experiences. "Drunk on Too Much Life" seeks a holistic way of not only treating what gets called mental illness, but re-conceptualizing it as well. The film shines a light on the crooked beauty, the extreme sensitivity and creative expression contained within states of madness.

Directors: Michelle Melles
Writers: Michelle Melles, Pedro Orrego
Producers: Gerda Johanna Cammaer, Michal Conford, Michelle Melles, Pedro Orrego
Composers: Piero Frenguelli, Steve Koven
Cinematographers: Michelle Melles
Runtime: 1h 17mn
Country: Canada
Language: English