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Stronger by Stress (2022) [x265]

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When conventional medicine is struggling to keep up with ever increasing stress levels in populations, biohackers show us their holistic approach to life which not only increases their resilience against the stress, but also helps them to perform on a higher level.

Directors: Andzei Matsukevits
Writers: Siim Land
Producers: Siim Land, Andzei Matsukevits
Cinematographers: Andzei Matsukevits
Runtime: 1h 28mn
Country: Estonia
Language: English


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Thanks, this is much smaller than 6gb!

You are a fantastic addition to this site. Buy yourself something frilly and send the bill to my buddy Elon.

This biohacking documentary was actually really good. They cover basically every aspect of holistic medicine and I learned a few things I am going to try out myself (such as magnesium supplementation).