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UFOs Investigating the Unkown (2023) -5 episodes-

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The five-part series explores the government's decades long investigation into UFOs.

The truth behind the U.S. government's secret Pentagon program on UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, otherwise known as UFOs, is exposed.

E01 · Secret Pentagon Program
Jan 17, 2023
The U.S. Government's secret Pentagon Program on UFO's is exposed.

E02 · Giant UFO in Texas
Jan 17, 2023
Project Blue Book is launched to study the country's growing UFO problem.

E03 · Close Encounters at Nuclear Bases
Jan 24, 2023
U.S. nuclear missiles malfunction after a close encounter with UFOs.

E04 · Citizens Take Charge
Jan 24, 2023
More military and commercial pilots are reporting seeing UAPs in flight.

E05 · Government Breaks Silence
Jan 31, 2023
Area 51, shrouded in secrecy for decades, is the focus of many UFO rumours.


Thank you, I have been hearing a lot about this series recently...

Enjoy, we watch to see where the narrative takes us.

If its up to (not so) secret agents Luis and Barry the (CIA) narrative will take you right to funding the military industry against a presence which has been here since before mankind... Stop uploading dumb ass shit. Differentiate between what is useful and what is brainwashing people. You are doing no one a favor.

I find it interesting that Steven Greer's lawyer for The Disclosure Project (Daniel Sheehan) is now working for Luis Elizondo and stating publicly that he doesn't believe that there are man-made UFOs that are reverse engineered from downed ET crafts etc. I am not sure what is going on with that story, but there seems to be a division of 2 camps that have different agendas. This particular torrent/TV show is done by Leslie Kean, who is on the opposite side of Greer and friends...

I agree with your point, but I belive all angles must be observed. Listening to both sides will never make you weaker. You say its brainwashing people; thats %50, the othere %50 percent is when you watch the documentary.

And besides, a lot of people wouldn't actually know that certain UFO information might be disinformation. I don't think they'd be deliberately spreading disinfo if they weren't even aware that it might be. Not everyone has their PhD in UFOlogy! Plus, as mentioned, it's good to know all sides to get an understanding of what's going on with this subject...