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Evidence to Life After Death (Afterlife) - Collection 2

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Another excellent collection - I particularly like this topic. Thanks for sharing.

If anyone is interested in this subject, I have a collection of documentaries that I could upload, just let me know.

Around about 2009, I watched enough to convince myself that reincarnation is a real phenomenon. Since then I have had regression to recover memories.

Sure, I'd like to see some of the best, or just the ones that are not on here already... thanks!

And since the Illuminati are trying to kill us all, it's good to know more about the Afterlife and maybe what to expect! lolol

Interesting subject. Certainly would appreciate videos.
Many thanks.

There is NO death! What we are does not die! We are not our bodies! We are much, much more. Our true infinite state of being is Consciousness. It manifests creation through space and time for all eternity... always has and always will. It's what It does and enjoys doing so. We are ALL "ONE" with ALL that Is. Knowing this and setting out to understand It with the Life You appear to be having is the first in "baby steps" taken to synchronize your awareness into what It is that You truly are. A manifestation of the Infinite. I hope this adds clarity to what Reincarnation is not. Our lives are "Eternal Consciousness" expressing Itself however and when ever It chooses to do so. This is the "Bigger Picture" we need to wrap our heads around, not the limited and indoctrinated emotional construct presented to us over the ages.