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Guy Martin's Great British Power Trip (2023)

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As an energy crisis and cost of living crisis collide, this 3-part series will see the Lincolnshire lorry mechanic and motorcycle racer investigate the past, present and future of British power stations to work out how the country makes its most valuable commodity of all: electricity. The series is set to have a raft of fascinating moments including Guy making his own spectacular contribution towards Britain's 'Net Zero' goals, by helping to blow up a coal-fired power station. He'll be putting himself through an intense safety course and learning how to escape from an underwater helicopter so that he can work on the world's biggest offshore wind farm, then he'll work with the British Army in their brand new solar-powered workshop. Plus he'll be tasked with "the hardest job in the country" - manually making the second-by-second adjustments required to balance the nation's supply of electricity with its ever-changing demand. Guy will also drive to the very end of the National Grid - the Orkney Islands - and find out how the world's biggest tidal generator and a fledgling hydrogen economy are teaching the world about future fuels. Additionally, he'll investigate what part nuclear has to play in keeping the country's lights on and will put in a shift at Hinkley Point C, the nuclear building site reputed to cost £7m a day to run.

Directors: James Woodroffe
Writers: James Woodroffe
Producers: Mark Bunkle, Steve Gowans, Amy Roff, Sarah Swift, Jessica Wilshaw
Cinematographers: Nathaniel Bullen, Matt Wright
Runtime: 1h 0mn
Country: UK



I like this guy - a North Englander....

However you just want 5 mins to tell him how Tesla and Keely had power generation sorted by the 1920s...

"The Lost Century"