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Susie Green - Transgender: A Mother's Story (Withdrawn TED Talk)

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This TED Talk was recently withdrawn from YouTube and the TED site:

It's listed on the web archive but not playable.

It's not really any surprise this was withdrawn, since more light has been shed on the scandal of transgender ideology.

In this talk, Susie Green, who until recently was CEO of a pro-trans charity in the UK called Mermaids, proudly describes:

* the basic errors she made in determining her kids' gender according to outmoded stereotypes, rather than biology
* how her homophobic husband preferred the idea of a "trans" daughter instead of a gay son
* taking her 16 year-old son to Thailand to be castrated, since this was illegal in the UK

Concen is pretty good at showing up in search results, so I suspect that in a few days anyone looking for this embarrassing video will be able to find it here. They'll have to learn to bittorrent. If you decide to upload this elsewhere on social media please link in comments.

Nice analysis of this video, which is included in it's entirety, here:
Quite eye-opening if you don't know what is going on.



in a hundred years when an archeologist digs up any persons body he can only come to one of 2 conclusions. it was male, or it was female. enough said.............peace