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Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse (2020)

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The Clydesdale horse, famed for its white-feathered feet and for hauling Budweiser beer, is in danger of dying out.

These giant and iconic horses are on the verge of what many call the “vortex of extinction” in the very place where they were first bred – Scotland.

Now, Kirkpatrick wants to try and revive the Scottish herd and return the Clydesdale to greatness.

There’s a perfection about Clydesdales. They are incredible athletes, incredibly graceful in their movement. Just big personalities. It makes you feel small and humbled and incredibly privileged to be with them. They’re beautiful, they are just beautiful.

On a whim, Kirkpatrick decides to buy a Clydesdale. But she can’t find a pure black one anywhere in Scotland. She wonders why. Where have they all gone?

As she begins digging, Kirkpatrick discovers that the Clydesdale was one of the most influential breeds in the world. It changed the course of history by powering the agricultural and industrial revolutions. It fought in the First World War. It played a role in the creation of the concept of “horse-power” for engines and vehicles.

Kirkpatrick also finds out that, over the course of a century, the Scots bred the Clydesdale into the perfect workhorse.

The breed was born in the Clyde Valley to the southwest of Glasgow. Everything that came from the Clyde was of incredible quality. You know, the ships, the locomotives, steam engines, and the Clydesdale horse.

The horse was so sought after it was sold across the globe to countries like Australia, Russia, the United States and Canada.

There’s something good in something that’s lasted that length of time and had that much effort put into its creation,” says Kirkpatrick. “That’s why it’s important not to let it dwindle and die - because there is so much in it that’s worth saving.

Her plan is simple: Find the lost black Clydesdales and bring them home.

In an extraordinary journey from the Clyde Valley to the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Kirkpatrick uncovers the true story of the Clydesdale horse, and traces a Canadian family who’ve protected the ancient black Clydesdale bloodlines for five generations.

With this discovery she may have unlocked the secret to reviving the Scottish herd.

I think the time has now come for the horse to come back home again to the place it was created. Back to Scotland.


I remember seeing this one somewhere recently and I had it bookmarked...

These horses are amazing. It looks like Kirkpatrick has created an organization that has the will to revive the breed in Scotland.

you never really see them much in the streets being ridden these days.
it used to be THE horse for farmers and working everywhere but not so much now. i wasn't aware they were getting sso scarce as to be on the verge of extinction.
i'll download this when i get back from a wee trip i have to be getting on with.