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Rebel Gene: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity (2020)

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This book is the story of my journey down the rabbit hole to discover the truth behind the Secret Space Program, ETs, UFOs and conspiracies of all kinds. To research this book, I interviewed about 1000 individuals worldwide from high level military (both retired and current), intelligence agents from the United States and other countries, law enforcement, physicists, scientists of many kinds, former employees of NSA, NASA, CIA, NRO, and aerospace corporations, abductees, contactees, self-proclaimed super soldiers (enhanced physically and/or mentally and psychically), and the list goes on. Some have gone on the record and been filmed in person and via Youtube and others have stayed in deep black and are known as secret sources. This book is a distillation of the information provided in those interviews combined with my own experiences and investigations as an investigative journalist and interviewer. It is an exploration into the nature of consciousness and the future of humanity.


look forward to the time we don't have to read books like this, but are living in a reality where this is just what everyone knows.

Maybe for the survivors!

When one has always been a rebel, its hard to relate why anyone would comply with any minor tyranny. But its not enough to just rebel, but to build the alternative. So what change should we be if nobody is coming to help?

Have you ever seen that movie? It's basically the idea that all of the people on Earth who don't give up hope get teleported to an alternate timeline where what was an inevitable collapse of civilization on the prior timeline does not happen. It's a nice idea, really...