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RT Cross Talk January 2023

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Negotiated Settlement

How will the conflict in the Ukraine end? A ceasefire, armistice, frozen conflict or defeat for either the Ukraine or Russia? This is the question so-called think tanks all across the Western world are asking. The problem with this approach is that it lacks intellectual and moral honesty. We must address why this conflict started in the first place.

CrossTalking with John Varoli, Nick Brana and Tom Luongo.

Has WWIII Started?

In a recent interview leading French intellectual Emmanuel Todd claimed World War III has already started. Its epicenter, of course, is the Ukraine and it is a Western war against Russia and China. If this scholar is correct, then we can expect to be living in a very dangerous world for a long time.

CrossTalking with George Szamuely, John Laughland and Alex Mihailovich.

Disappearing Europe

According to French president Emmanuel Macron the Continent must decide whether it wants to be free or a "vassal" of China or the United States. Although Macron has never been known as an original thinker, on this point he is obviously right. The real question is whether Europe still has the power to decide its fate at all.

CrossTalking with Martin Jay and Dmitry Babich.

How It Ends

If you have only followed the pronouncements and so-called analysis from Western governments and their pliant media, then you know very little about the conflict in the Ukraine. The fact is the Ukraine is losing. On this edition of CrossTalk we discuss how this conflict is likely to end.

CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, John Kiriakou and Jean Bricmont.