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Colours Of Infinity / Clouds Are Not Spheres / Is God A Number? (1995)

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Arthur C. Clarke presents this unusual documentary on the mathematical discovery of the Mandelbrot Set (M-Set) in the visually spectacular world of fractal geometry. This show relates the science of the M-Set to nature in a way that seems to identify the hand of God in the design of the universe itself. Dr. Mandelbrot in 1980 discovered the infinitely complex geometrical shape called the Mandelbrot Set using a very simple equation with computers and graphics.

Directors: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Writers: Arthur C. Clarke, Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Producers: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, Paul Sinclair
Composers: David Gilmour
Cinematographers: John Lamborn
Runtime: 52mn
Country: UK
Language: English



The person who ripped this did not put numbers at the beginning of the filename so that it can list in order that the videos are on the DVD. But I think it is this:

01: Colours Of Infinity.mkv
02: Clouds Are Not Spheres.mkv
03: Is God A Number?.mkv
04: Infinit.mkv

But apart from Infinit, all 3 are separate 52 minute long documentaries...

Sequential order becomes irrelevant in the face of Infinity. ;D