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The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II (2021)

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By Douglas Dietrich
Contributing authors: Peter Moon
Published by Sky Publishing in 2021
English, .epub, 305 pages

The Roswell Crash has had a massive hypnotic effect on the collective psyche of Mankind ever since the U.S. Army issued a press release that a flying disc crashed in the New Mexican desert in July of 1947. Retracting their statement a day later, they have since orchestrated a massive psychological operation against the public to hide a long history of war crimes involving some of the most iconic of American heroes. At the core of this operation is the Government’s most guarded secret of World War II: the Japanese Emperor’s direct role in prosecuting the war.

Horrified upon learning of a published agenda to destroy the Yellow Race, a young Hirohito fervently studied to become a preeminent Doctor of Marine Biology in order to create biocidal weapons of mass destruction and so defend his Empire. After successfully testing his genocidal weapons in the Chinese war, they were delivered to the Americans three days after Hiroshima in huge super-dirigibles equipped with planes and tanks. Realizing the potency of these weapons and their own potential doom, the Americans began a series of back-channel negotiations with Hirohito during which they acquiesced to his demands that he remain as Emperor and that America open up their markets to his country.

This hidden history includes the revelations that the Emperor’s super-dirigibles were the source of the Battle of Los Angeles in February of 1942 and the infamous Roswell Crash of 1947. In an involved and labyrinthine tale that involves hidden hordes of gold, cut-throat politics, hidden technology and massive psychological manipulation of the masses, The Roswell Deception delivers the long anticipated “Disclosure” that humanity has been waiting for.