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Children of the Night (2021)

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A child soldier, craving heroin, with a Kalashnikovs in hand has been involved in more than fifty ISIS wars and conflicts. Balanche is among the first child soldiers to tell his stories and observations of one of the most terrifying wars in the world in full detail, along with his four other companions in "The Children of the Night". At the age of twelve, he fled home after an insurgent attack taking shelter in his country, Pakistan's religious schools. And at the age of thirteen was recruited by local liaisons. Terrible violence and the ability to perform unpredictable behaviours in war have prepared them to create dangerous events the day after the war.

Directors: Behrouz Nouranipour
Producers: Behrouz Nouranipour
Composers: Masoud Sekhavat Doust
Cinematographers: Fardin Batmani
Runtime: 1h 24mn
Country: Iran
Language: Persian