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Coast to Coast - 2023-01-18 - Steven Greer - UFO Disclosure & Whistleblowers

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Wednesday - January 18 2023

George Noory

Dr. Steven Greer

ET Disclosure & Contact

Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project and retired emergency room physician Dr. Steven Greer is an expert in UFOs, ET intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. In the first hour, he talked about his recent documentary Contact: The CE5 Experience, his new crowdfunded film to be released in the spring: "The Lost Century," and his work with government and corporate whistleblowers. Newly out as well, is the CE5 Contact app, which offers instructions on making peaceful contact with ET civilizations. He said that individuals making this kind of contact could begin the transformational process of contact with beings from other realms.

Greer also announced he is planning a new national disclosure press conference, and noted that a recently passed whistleblower law allows for those formerly silenced to come forward. To contact Dr. Greer regarding whistleblower testimony, write; for other issues: