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Jimmy Dore (2023.01.09)

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Time Topic
0:00:00 Intro
0:02:06 Opening by guest host Aaron Maté, with Mischa Paullin and Kurt (Kurp) Metzger
0:05:14 House speaker vote filibuster
0:29:03 Mischa reads comments
0:30:50 New Church Committee on Deep State Abuses?
0:51:28 Mischa
0:53:23 Brazil election riots with Camila Escalante & Michael Fox
1:31:54 Mischa
1:32:03 House speaker concessions
1:41:10 Mischa
1:41:55 Media lies about concessions
1:48:11 Mischa
1:49:01 Dan Crenshaw hypocrisy
1:54:17 Mischa
1:55:29 Bad House speeches: Hakim Jeffries
2:03:27 Mischa
2:04:08 What happened to late night comedy?
2:07:40 Mischa

Another ConCen Exclusive®, live stream captured and cruft stripped. Enjoy!