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This Place Rules (2022)

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Acclaimed for his unfiltered reporting and deadpan humor, Andrew Callaghan brings his gonzo style reporting to HBO to explore the undercurrents that led to the January 6 Capitol Riot. As one of the best-known and hardest working journalists of his generation, the 25-year-old ventures on a wild RV journey through America to take the pulse of a divided nation. In 2020, as COVID rages, protests sweep the country, and a monumental election looms, Callaghan captures the chaos in the streets and a wide spectrum of views -- with just a camera and a microphone. Delving into a world of political division, white nationalist groups and conspiracy theorists, THIS PLACE RULES exposes the perfect storm in the months preceding the Capitol attack and serves as a stark warning that these forces show no sign of abating.

Genre: Documentary
Original Language: English
Director: Andrew Callaghan
Producer: Jonah Hill, Matt Dines, Alison Goodwin, Dave Kneebone, Janel Kranking, Max Benator
Release Date (Streaming): Dec 30, 2022



Presumably doesn’t cover stuff like police withdrawing barriers, opening doors, Ray Epps etc?

I am downloading it, and I guess I will probably try to watch it. But usually I don't go for stuff like this, but I did notice it just came out and a few torrent sites are showcasing it on their "pinned" list of new torrents...

The opening sequence isn't particularly promising and depicts everything I generally hate about American pop culture, but I will keep trying to forage ahead watching it hahaha

What's the verdict? Did anyone watch it yet?

It's a little bit "too American" for my tastes. It's sort of like an American version of a Sasha Baron Coen character doing little interviews with far right and far left Americans, who are way over the top in their views, like Q-Anon etc, and makes them, and all of America, look like a freakshow...

But I didn't watch the whole thing, so I might have missed something more pertinent!

surprisingly balanced. In that they showed idiots from both sides.

But it would be very different if they gathered the more reasonable trumpists and let them speak without trying to make them look like idiots.

I edited the torrent description because the original Wikipedia sentence on the documentary didn't really describe it well. This is meant to be a comedy...