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Harry & Meghan (2022)

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2022 | Maturity Rating:TV-MA | 1 Season | Biographical Documentaries

From their courtship to their exit from royal life, Harry and Meghan share their complex journey in their own words in this docuseries.

1. Episode 1

As Harry shares the impact of a childhood in the public eye, he and Meghan reflect on the secret, early days of their unexpected romance.

2. Episode 2

In 2016, the relationship becomes public — and public scrutiny begins. Meghan remembers school, family life, acting and activism before Harry.

3. Episode 3

The couple's 2017 engagement sparks both cynicism and hope. As Meghan grapples with royal protocols, tabloid headlines begin to involve her family.

4. Episode 4

Harry and Meghan's wedding is a resounding success. But as their popularity grows, internal rifts and media coverage take a worrying toll.

5. Episode 5

After private correspondences with their families are leaked, the couple makes a crucial decision — and ensuing online campaigns turn chilling.

6. Episode 6

The couple arrives in California, where a friend takes them in. Amid painful losses and legal battles, Harry and Meghan begin to forge their path ahead.



GB News already told me what to think about this, they literally said "we watched it so you don't have to".


Monarchy is evil, and apparently just as inhumane to those within as without.

Yes, to me it's all a bunch of royal melodramatic bullshit. But apparently it's a really big thing right now in TV land, so I shared it here lol

A friend of mine said this is a good series and I should reserve judgment about the two ex-royals until I see it.

Rachel Zane is the real victim here.

I definitely have respect for former Prince Harry and his wife. I think them taking a political stand against the monarchy is courageous and they feel is just something they needed to do. I always remember many years ago when Harry was a young man in university, on Halloween he dressed up as a Nazi and was doing Heil Hitler salutes, and that was all over the newspapers and tabloids at the time. But I am pretty sure he was always aware of the fact that the monarchy helped fund the Nazis during World War 2 etc. So I can see what he was doing there, and what he is doing now...

Be nice if Harry could meet his wife's father and that Thomas could spend some time with Archie and Lili.
Thanks for the up.