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Missing 411: The UFO Connection (2022)

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In "Missing 411: The UFO Connection," David Paulides continues the story of people who vanish in the wild without a trace. In his third documentary, David reveals the first evidence documenting a link between UFOs and missing people. The audience will ponder difficult questions, such as do the UFO craft come from another dimension or portal? Are their resources for survival limited, turning to the Earth for a food source? The film identifies direct associations between UFOs, abductees, and missing person cases.

This ten-year project brings together top officials from the FBI, local law enforcement, search team members, and others that describe a spell-binding fact trail that will leave the viewer asking more questions than officials are willing to answer.


Missing 411:

Missing 411- The Hunted:


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I don't always go for the negative alien abduction narrative, but this particular research casts the UFO phenomenon in a kind of new light. I thought it was very interesting, as is all of Paulides' stuff.

I noticed at the end of the documentary they dedicated the film to his son, who apparently just commit suicide last year. He had been a part of the making of Paulides' first documentary etc...

A behind-the-scenes look at Missing 411- The UFO Connection.
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