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RT Cross Talk late November 2022

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War of Attrition
With its infrastructure degraded and the weather turning cold, the Ukraine is facing the stark prospect of becoming a failed state. No amount of Western arms can change that harsh reality. Washington and Kiev have demonstrated they have no real interest in negotiations. The Ukraine’s fate has been sealed.
CrossTalking with Philip Giraldi, Brian Berletic and Chay Bowes.

NATO vs. the World
At the recent G20 meeting in Bali the West did all it could with the help of corporate media to isolate Russia. All their efforts came to nothing. In fact, the opposite happened. Russia was a welcomed participant. NATO's proxy war in the Ukraine has united much of the Global South. It's NATO against the world.
CrossTalking with Alfred de Zayas, Stevan Gajic and Hasan Ünal.

Lights Out!
The lights are going out all across the Ukraine. Infrastructure destroyed which cannot be easily replaced any time soon. NATO continues its proxy war against Russia--saying "as long as it takes." Will the Ukrainian state and society collapse before its military is defeated on the battlefield?
CrossTalking with Martin Jay and Dmitry Babich.

Point of No Return
It would seem we've reached the point of no return. After becoming the target of sabotage, the NordStream pipelines will be mothballed. The mutually beneficial energy relationship Europe and Russia had for decades has come to an end. The geopolitical implications are enormous. And Europe is the biggest loser.
CrossTalking with Karen Kwiatkowski and Michael Maloof.


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