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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2022.11.29) [webm]

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My IPTV account expired, so no streamcap tonight. Sorry. Regular versions tomorrow!

This is a web download of the full show, with a few image (of Trump) overlays to try and fool the Youtube demonetization algorithm.


Didn't play on any of my players. VLAN returned "cannot play undefined 1" whatever that means.

Try loading it in your browser. Or watch it using the youtube link?

Sure, I can just watch on youtube. Or I can wait a day and watch it on Russian tv:

Tucker regularly appears! Today they were replaying his thing about the pedophilic clothing line. Ye sounded like some sort of street hustler in the Russian voice-over. I think he sounds rather pious in real life, they got it a bit wrong.

the webm file, then select "open with..." then choose a web browser? All recent browsers support webm.

I have my web browsers set NOT to play webm and so on. It's OK, watching from youtube. I guess I spoke too soon, because I saw "Pedophile Jailbreak' on Russian tv today BEFORE I saw it just now on Tucker. LOL. News travelling at the speed of science!

additional wrote:

I have my web browsers set NOT to play webm and so on.

What's wrong with playing webm?

Well, my browsers are all (three) totally deprecated out of date versions, on purpose. I don't let them play things, open pop-ups, or even open PDFs. I use old versions of everything, on purpose. My VLAN is an older version. It barely plays x265, which is fine by me. It gets bent out of sheep about undefined streams in media files. Everything is old and out of date on purpose. I've exited the upgrade cycle. I'm moving backwards towards Windows 3.1 and DOS. Soon I will be back to worshiping the Gobekli Tepe zodiac. Be of good cheer.

Heroes on the 11/29 episode included: Dr. Malhotra, Ron Desantis, Tulsi Gabbard, and Winston Marshall
Villains included: Apple Computer, the CCP, California’s Pedophile Quick Release Policy, BLM, and Antifa

Apple's behavior toward the CCP and the Chinese people is unconscionable. The public needs to boycott Apple products

Boycotted, ever since Apple ][. Foo on you, Apple. Note they fucked up all the protestors via UPGRADES. Stay gold, Pony Boy.