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Heal Thyself: Body Mastery with Sarita - Ickonic - Season 1 E07-E12

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Episode 01 - 06, find here :

(Thanks to Nikolay)
Sarita Sol presents her new, dynamic and instructive meditation series ‘Heal thyself body mastery’ in which she explains how to tap into the most profound consciousness of your body at the most fundamental levels and through specific meditation and frequency light and breath-based techniques send new instructions to induce healing states within your bodily systems, changing the matter of your physicality right from the level of your genetic code, through all your cells and related organs and thus bringing you into balance, wholeness and ultimately healing and regeneration. If you are suffering from any type of disease, even one seemingly inherited and fixed this series will assist you in understanding how to transcend and heal yourself moving forward in your life. Sarita is a shamanic practitioner trained in an ancient feminine tradition rooted in healing and seership. With a rapidly growing following, she teaches ancient and modern practices of connecting to the divine matrix, mastering one's mind, elevating consciousness and transcending conditioned states of a lower frequency. Her channelled meditations facilitate others to merge with the unified field and the source of all creation and are inspired by the ever-emerging science of quantum physics, psychoenergetics and epigenetics. She also facilitates sacred ceremonies for men and women wishing to explore the nature of the universe and experience their own healing.

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I've dealt with torrents for the last couple of decades and need to know if there's anything I need to do to get this private torrent working... It refuses to work as a magnet download, but - as an 'in house' torrent - it only downloaded 1.2%.... Any heads up would be great

Avoid the Magnet link at all costs :)

It starts - then stops..... I'll be quiet now LOL

Even though I upload and download torrents regularly, and have for almost 2 decades, I don't really know much about the technology and different settings. There must be a setting in your BitTorrent client that needs to be changed, but I have no idea what it is... I mostly just use my ruTorrent on my seedbox.

It's trying to download, just very slowly 16kb per second... It may pick up. I never have issues with any other torrents - just a limited few from here. No complaints though - if it completes [Great], if not [at least I tried] :)

It's a private torrent. My torrent client will not take it down either.