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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2022.11.28) [x265]

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Great work, Tucker

By praising the tyrannical CCP and denouncing the freedom fighters, Biden and his handlers reveal their hidden plans for the USA.

Hooray for the courageous people of China

Jon Rappoport has been covering the China situation on his substack page


“The predators at the WEF, Gates Foundation, the WHO, who keep bloviating praise for the Chinese regime and its COVID lockdowns and surveillance and social credit score policies—
Those Globalist predators suddenly have something else to think about: the possibility of revolution in China against the government and against those policies.
We need to show overwhelming solidarity with the Chinese protestors.
Of course, the Chinese regime has the firepower to put down these protests. But, against a background of brutal long lockdowns, and with many of their citizens beyond all patience and on the edge of rebellion, is firepower a good idea?
This sets up a rock and hard place for the Chinese government.”