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The Nick Bryant Podcast

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The Nick Bryant Podcast features journalist and author of The Franklin Scandal Nick Bryant as he interviews subjects about their experiences in the corrupt underbelly of American society. After 20 years of investigating trafficking networks, political blackmail, and other government malfeasance, Bryant turns his lens on those who have refused to accept the status quo of our perfidious political system. New episode every Friday.


I own a hardcover copy of The Franklin Scandal and made the Audible version available here awhile back. Be careful with this subject though, because I think getting too involved with it in any way gets you put on some sort of blacklist! Electronic harassment, Targeted Individuals etc.

I donated 300 dollars to Nick Bryant years ago towards a documentary he was working on at the time. I think the director/producer eventually branched off and did their own thing and eventually released 'Who Took Johnny', about the kidnapped boy Johnny Gosch who later was determined to have been brought in to a military mind control project. Bryant had hoped to find Johnny and have him be a part of the documentary, but that obviously did not work out...