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Vaccine Documentary Collection 1

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Hey folks,

This is a comprehensive collection of PRE-COVID vaccine documentaries. There's really no excuse for anyone at this point to be uninformed about vaccines.

I wouldn't even describe myself as anti-vaccine - that's a slur term used to discredit people with concerns about corruption and vaccine safety. As with any medical procedure, you deserve informed consent and a second opinion, and that means fully understanding the risks, benefits and alternatives. I don't mind offering a spoiler though - if you properly do your due diligence about each vaccine, you probably won't ever vaccinate again.

I've included some pro-vaccine documentaries. It's really interesting to watch these when you've had the lies about vaccines explained to you as you can see the way vaccine salesdoctors distort the truth. This is a one-way phenomenon, the truth innoculates you from the lies.

If anyone has any documentaries to add to this collection, especially higher quality files, please let me know. If you share this torrent elsewhere please link back here to ConCen.

Notable omissions that you might want to watch:
"Lethal Injection" 1 & 2. These documentaries I found interesting but a bit weird.
"Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines" by JanaESP is good but unfinished and very intense.
"Tolerance Lost" - Andrew Moulden's 6-hour epic on how he believes Mercury causes autism and gaze palsy... filmed shortly before he mysteriously died.
"Stanley Plotkin Under Oath" - the "godfather" of modern vaccinationists, caught off-guard and forced to testify in a custody trial by a savvy lawyer, admits to all sorts of nasty things

Coming Soon:
Vaccine Summit Collection - the summits are a good source of detailed practical information
Vaccine Lecture Collection (maybe) - also a good source of facts from doctors, but a big deal to compile

1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Injuries (CBS 60 Minutes)
1982 DPT - Vaccine Roulette
1998 Vaccination - The Hidden Truth
2004 Guinea Pig Kids (BBC)
2008 Vaccine Nation (Gary Null)
2009 Autism - Made in the U S A (Gary Null)
2009 Shots In the Dark - Silence on Vaccine
2009 The Swine Flu Profiteers
2011 The Greater Good
2013 Silent Epidemic - The Untold Story of Vaccines (Gary Null)
2014 About All Those Vaccines (Truthstream Media)
2014 Trace Amounts
2015 Bought - The Movie (Jeff Hays)
2015 We Don't Vaccinate - Myth and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns
2016 Man Made Epidemic (Natalie Beer)
2016 VAXXED - From Coverup to Catastrophe (Andrew Wakefield)
2017 Deadly Deception - Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines (Gary Null)
2017 Injecting Aluminium
2017 The Pathological Optimist
2019 VAXXED 2 - The People's Truth (Andrew Wakefield)
2020 Fact Check - Polio Vaccines, Tetanus Vaccines, and the Gates Foundation (Corbett Report)
2020 Kennedy & Bigtree - The Interview (The Highwire Episode 151)

The MMR - Autism Connection
2002 MMR - Every Parent's Choice (BBC Panorama)
2004 MMR - What They Didn't Tell You (Dispatches)
2005 Does The MMR Jab Cause Autism (BBC Horizon)
2009 Selective Hearing - Brian Deer and the GMC
2010 Autism Yesterday - Autism is Reversible

HPV Vaccines
2015 Cause or Coincidence - HPV Vaccines Associated with Deaths & Disability (3D Investigates NZ)
2015 Cervical Cancer Vaccine - Is it Safe? (TV3 Ireland)
2015 The Vaccinated Girls - Sick and Betrayed (TV2 Denmark)
2017 Sacrificial Virgins - The Dangers of the HPV Vaccination
2018 Manufactured Crisis - HPV, Hype & Horror
Lecture from Lawyer Suing Merck for HPV Vaccine Fraud/Clip RFK explains his lawsuit against Merck
Lecture from Lawyer Suing Merck for HPV Vaccine Fraud/Gardasil - The Science - RFK Jr Explains his Lawsuit Against Merck
News Clips/Columbia - Hundreds of girls hospitalised after HPV vaccinations
News Clips/Mexico - Young girls Convulse on floor after Gardasil shot

Anthrax Vaccines
2003 Direct Order
2005 Beyond Treason
2017 Vaccine Syndrome

Pro-Vaccine Documentaries
2013 The Vaccine According to Bill Gates (ZED)
2015 The Polio Story - The Vaccine That Changed the World (BBC)
2015 The Vaccine War (PBS Frontline)
2015 Vaccination Wars (Unreported World S29E04)
2019 Vaccine Wars - The Conspiracy Files

45 hours & 40 minutes total.


Wow, nice collection! Thanks for sharing here.