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Unprescribed: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, TBI (2020)

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Amid the opioid crisis and suicide epidemic, increasing numbers of veterans are turning to cannabis as a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. Unprescribed reveals a history of prohibition steeped in racism and political motivation. Despite government pushback, experts like Dr. Sue Sisley seek to answer the question, "is marijuana safe?"

Genre: Documentary
Original Language: English
Director: Steve Ellmore
Producer: Steve Ellmore
Release Date (Streaming): Feb 22, 2020
Runtime: 1h 11m



... someone who is legally prescribed cannabus products i can absoluely testify that it works.
0.2milligrams of 5% full spectrum CDB in an MCT cocunut oil sub lungually morning and night and the difference IS day and night.
THC for pain instead of the tramadol and was about to get offered fucking fentanyl... fuck that utter wakery!
I have even got my mother onto full spectrum CBD oil along with vitamins every day and she's feeling better.
What i can also tell you for a fact is that the profit margin in cannabis grown at scale(both oil and herd) is FUCKING MIND BLOWING.. in the thousands of percent. So.. if you can grow and make yourt own oils.. just don't use the butane method for fuck sake! Be safer and smarter than that. Rick simpson CBD and if you can, set up super critical CO2* for THC oils. RSO is also good for THC oils but not as good as the Super critical CO2.

*you need specially built equipment for this but it can be done at home just be safe about it as that super critical CO2 is a 74 bar pressure process at 31C. Not for most people tbh

I am glad you are able to get medical marijuana legally and that it is working very well for you. I guess there are still many parts of the world where it is harder to come by. I am also lucky enough that I can buy a pack of 14 pre-rolled Indica joints from my local cannabis store that is only a 5 minute drive away. Or I can even order edibles and any other product available through the mail and it gets delivered right to my door. Canada legalized cannabis and I hope many more countries follow suit, because, as you say, the cannabis companies and their economic success is quite impressive and it helps get the citizens their medicine. I should try the oils ingested orally, it might be a better quality high and has no toxic effect on the body, in which smoking weed might have to the lungs etc.