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Dragons, Monsters and Men (2022)

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Discover your purpose and slay the dragons that stand in your way.


Episode 1: “What Makes a Man?”
Jordan Peterson dares to answer the most basic question, What is a Man? Discover the dragons in your story worth slaying in this adventure called life. There’s great treasure to be found, including in yourself.

Episode 2: “Arm Yourself”
Follow the rules, but not stupid rules. Be literate and reciprocate peacemaking. In this episode, learn how to unleash the spirit of voluntary fun and develop your purpose.

Episode 3: “Be the Prince, You’ll Find the Princess”
Is society promoting the forever bachelor? Jordan deconstructs the popular opinion as he paints the contrast in today’s dating scene and cultural norms.

Episode 4: “Be Great”
The truth behind family. In the final installment of Dragons, Monsters and Men, Jordan explores the strategies and bold roles of a Father. Harness your purpose in relation to women, children, and the household.


Thanks! More DW stuff would be awesome.
He's recently done a series on marriage too, any chance of that?


Huge thanks!